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About Us

Founded in 1989, The Daniel Maher Stained Glass Studio's works serve "as a testament to both his diverse aesthetic interests and his firm roots in the traditions of the stained glass craft*."

The seemingly random variety of styles and images in my work are all rooted firmly in my mission to explore the textural movement inherent in glass. Glass is everywhere -- reflecting, bending, splitting and projecting light and patterns.

In each window, I try to incorporate something in an image or material that will accelerate my evolution as an artist and extinguish the notion of stained glass as a “traditional” art form. I continue to work in all the traditional styles of stained glass but I’m expanding the use of found objects and hand-blown objects that I create myself.

In the past, my business was a full-service studio, not only designing and fabricating stained glass works but also restoring, repairing and creating limited edition gift panels and windows. Currently, my focus is on individual commission works only as I am no longer repairing or restoring stained glass windows.

I invite you to visit theDaniel Maher Stained Glass Studio Facebook page for information and images of our current and most recent projects.


* March/April 2015 issue of Glass Art Magazine

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